Come avrete già sicuramente appreso, il Premier Giuseppe Conte ha preannunciato la chiusura di tutte le attività aziendali non rientranti nella filiera dei servizi essenziali.
Pur non essendo ancora stato pubblicato il relativo provvedimento, atteso nelle prossime ore, la nostra Azienda ha comunque ritenuto di dover immediatamente sospendere la propria attività, già a far data dalla mezzanotte del 22/03/2020.

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Born in 2016 year, UNIFER NAVALE SRL is leader in the sector of the construction of
pipes in Carbon Steel and works as only Piping Factory of Fincantieri Group, internally managing all the lines of production phases, starting from the bending pipes to the treatments of galvanization and primer-painting.
Actual volumes of production reach the 8/10.000 pipes monthly.

N° 8 designers, each one with Workstation 3D SolidWorks R.2018. Geometric and constructive data handling received by the client, customized software.

An excellent Quality Control is necessary in each production process to get the best and
top performances by qualified professionals, as:
› International Welding Inspector-Comprehensive IWI-C (from I.I.S. for EWI / IIW)…

at the service of production

• n.2 celle robotizzate ABB
• N° 2 robot cells ABB;
• N° 2 CRIPPA bending machines 255_12 axis;
• N° 2 BLM bending machines 150_12 axis;
• N° 1 BLM bending machine 80_12 axis;
• N° 2 HGG semi-automatic plasma cutting machines
• N° 1 robotic welding plants GEFRA and SIAD;
• N° 1 automatic sandblasting

working in synergy with a team of 20 tubists and 25 specialized welders.