• N° 8 designers, each one with Workstation 3D SolidWorks R.2018;
  • geometric and constructive data handling received by the client, customized

Work flow:

  1. Loading and data processing received by the Client (XML format or similar);
  2. The results of the data processing are loaded on centralized database;
  3. The data acquired on our DataBase are used in automatic way for the following productive finalities:

a) creation of 3D models and tables of 2D sketches directly on server
exclusively created, through the softwares as Solidworks and Tacton

b) creation of executive programs of pipes to be bent on our bending machines BLM and CRIPPA;

c) Creation of Cut-Nesting program reserved for ABB_Cells of plasma cut through customized software for Unifer Navale;

  • Data management plan, technical constructive and normative practices, which belong exactly to the orders and requests of the Client;
  • Management and development of new projects in workshop team according to the specific requests of the client.