An excellent Quality Control is necessary in each production process to get the best and top performances by qualified professionals, as:

  • International Welding Inspector-Comprehensive IWI-C (from I.I.S. for EWI / IIW);
  • Qualified operators to non-destructive Tests, level II according ISO 9712 for:

1) VT (visual test);
2) RT (X-Ray test);
3) PT (Penetrating test);
4) UT (Ultrasound for thickness test);

  • Lead Auditor System management for quality and welding Aicq-Sicev (Accredia);
  • Lead Auditor System management for quality and welding Det Norske Veritas;

further the specialized personnel, the pipes are inspected with a system of 3D control scanner Zeiss T-scan Laser


Manufacturing Execution System is a computerized system, which has the main function to manage and control the production of our Company.
The management involves the dispatch of the orders, the development in quality and time terms, product placement in warehouse, as well as the direct connection to the machineries to deduce useful information to integrate the execution of the production, such as to produce data for the control of the same production.


  • Management for Quality System ISO 9001 vs. 2015 by DNV.GL (Accredia);
  • Qualifications procedures of arc welding ref. ISO 15614-1 getting by registers RINA and Lloyd’s Register;
  • Procedures for arc welding for Carbon Steel:
  1. 135 MAG Welding Semiautomatic, Automatic and Robot – BW and FW
  2. 1141 (TIG Welding) Manual – BW and FW
  3. 141 + 111 (TIG + Electrode) – BW
  4. 111 (Electrode) Manual – BW and FW
  • Welders Qualifications related to carbon steel, ref. ISO 9606-1 by registers RINA and Lloyd’s Register;
  • Qualifications for Robot Operators, ref. ISO 14732 by registers RINA and Lloyd’s Register.